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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your questions, please email us on and we'll do our best to answer


Do I have to pay to be part of Project Accelerate?

Project Accelerate is a not-for-profit initiative. We do not charge our mentees for our services or events. All of our skill-building sessions are facilitated by our mentors on a voluntary basis.


What are the expectations on mentees?

We expect mentees to be respectful of the voluntary nature of our program and maintain professional relationships with their mentors. While our mentors are committed to supporting your journey, they have day jobs and families, and will not be available outside of the agreed mentoring schedule


How are mentors and mentees matched in this program? 

he matching process takes place in January. Successful candidates are matched with established mentors in the mentees’ chosen field of work. However the unique element of PA is that mentees will have access to our entire network of inspirational mentors.


What are the expectations on mentors?

Being a mentor is a significant responsibility, and we ask all our mentors to commit to agreed "contact" hours with their mentees. Mentors who consistently fail to meet with their mentees as agreed will be subject to a three-strike rule before being asked to step aside from formal mentoring.


What is the time commitment?

We will offer fortnightly skill-building sessions which we expect our selected mentees to attend. Failure to attend any sessions may result in forfeiture of your place in the program.


Are there any specific career fields or industries that the program focuses on?

We have worked hard to create a bespoke programme for each mentee. You will be matched with a mentor who will guide you on the journey towards your chosen career path.


Can I participate in the programme in person or online?

Once a successful mentee has been matched with their mentor it is the responsibility of the two parties to organise their sessions. Of course the founders will be available for any questions or support required however the nature of the relationship is decided between the mentee and mentor.


What support does the program offer for skill development and training? 

We offer –

  • Customized Skill Development Plans

  • Workshops and Training Sessions

  • Access to Educational Resources

  • Guidance on Resume Building

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Soft Skills Development

  • Mock Interviews

  • Feedback and Assessment


What soft skill topics do you focus on? 

We work closely with our mentees to understand the areas that they feel need to be strengthened. Generally, we focus on soft skills development that will differentiate our mentees from other candidates with similar technical skills. these might include: CV building, networking skills, personal branding, personal finance, health and well-being, mental health, interview skills, business writing, presentation skills, and goal setting and time management.


 Do you guarantee work experience for all of your mentees?

We endeavour to find all mentees accepted into our full programme meaningful, paid work experience over the summer months. However, sometimes it is not possible for us to find the right opportunity within our network. If that is the case we will support our mentees to find alternative roles that align with their career objectives, but perhaps outside their desired industry. 

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