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Enabling Potential, Together

Project Accelerate is a collective of inspirational women, who are working to break the generational cycle of poverty through enabling and empowering young women with huge potential from disadvantaged / low income backgrounds to gain a new direction in life through mentorship.

We focus on providing work experience opportunities, internships and personalized mentoring to build differentiating skills in our mentees. We connect them to networks that will support and guide them through key milestones in their lives - high school, university and their first career steps.

We partner with schools and higher education institutions to identify high performing, but under-privileged students to who the opportunity for mentorship and work experience would create lasting change.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem where our mentees take on key roles, as advocates, leaders, connectors and mentors within our ecosystem and create a sustainable model for the future by paying it forward.

Artist in Workshop


How we started

Project Accelerate was born over a casual meet up, where the founding members were lamenting that the best opportunities for mentorship and development in Dubai went to those girls who came from stable and affluent backgrounds, through personal networks rather than merit, while those who didn’t have the connections and means to support themselves through unpaid internships were held back from developing the skills and experience they desperately needed to level the playing field with those that come from a background of privilege

These women decided that they could help to help to make this change, ensuring that those girls who most deserved, and most needed these skills and opportunities could access them. Project Accelerate was born to bring together women who have can inspire through their stories and develop through sharing their skills with those who need them most.

Our Founders.

Our founding members come from all walks of life, all industries, nationalities. We’re united by one thing - giving back through mentoring, building the life skills that made us so successful in the next generation of inspirational women. Project Accelerate is designed to give our mentees the skills and experience that helps them accelerate the leveling of the playing field. It’s a free programme for all our participants, and all our mentors volunteer their time or internship opportunities. All we ask is that each Project Accelerate graduate gives back and creates an ecosystem of women helping women, generation by generation.

Charity Partners

Working Jointly to Achieve Potenti

Project Accelerate is grateful to be partnering with international charities such as Harmony House to help the children they’ve supported and educated take the next step in their journey out of poverty.

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Harmony House

Harmony House is a charitable organisation for street children in India. Established in 2009, we have been working hard to address and meet the needs of destitute children across education, nutrition, healthcare, vocational training, well being, planning and placement for employment and careers.

Corporate Partners

We are grateful to our corporate partners who offer work experience and internship opportunities to our mentees


The Giving Movement

TGM's mission is to create a vehicle of positive change that everyone can be a part of. The Giving Movement launched in April 2020, created as a way to alter the way fashion is consumed and to shed light on conscious consumerism. The goal was to create a new model where sustainability is curated for youth, a disruptive brand that creates meaningful apparel — making an impact with every purchase.


Our education partners are passionate about continuing the formal education of our mentees - supporting them with scholarships, bursaries and grants to make education accessible to those with huge potential 

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