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Want to develop the skills to succeed in build your dream career?

Then you are in the right place. 

While applications for our 1-2-1 Mentorship programme for 2024 have closed, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from our network of inspirational women and events. 


From February to July 2024 we're bringing our network of incredible female leaders to share their wisdom, experience and skills with  young women who don't feel like they are getting the support and opportunities to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. 

If you want to join our FREE online upskilling sessions, the join our 2024 cohort today! 

Best Value

Project Accelerate Mentees - Cohort 24



Develop the skills and network to achieve your potential

Valid until canceled

Soft Skill development sessions

Mentorship from inspirational women in your field

Work experience and Internships

A lifelong community to help you thrive

Get the support and opportunities you need to achieve your potential



Who do we help

At Project Accelerate we are passionate about helping those that have incredible potential but a lack of opportunities connect to mentors for support, and be part of our network to help them find relevant and meaningful work experience to launch their careers. 

We focus on those who are disadvantaged young women, who don't have access to networks and connections to help them navigate the start of their careers. In particular those from under-represented communities where they may be blazing a trail as the first member to go to university, study a particular subject or go abroad for a university degree. 

Ultimately we want to support young women who are going to help impact their communities - be that breaking the cycle of poverty, inspire and give back to other young women in the same place or return to create entrepreneurial endeavours that provide work experience and income for others. 

We have no fixed criteria for our mentees, we don't demand particular courses, results or backgrounds. What we do expect is passion, commitment, and a pay-it-forward attitude to help grow our movement. 


The Programme

2024 will be the first time we offer our programme in a structured way to a much larger group of mentees. 

In time we hope to offer every mentee a 1-2-1 mentor, and work experience / internship placements. For 2024 we believe we can successfully offer 8-10 personalised mentoring places. For those we can't offer our full programme too, we still hope to support with soft skill development, inspirational workshops and in person speed mentoring and networking events.  

The greater the success we have, the more mentors we can sign up, the more corporate partners we have and the more we can offer our incredible young women


The Time Commitment 

November - Applications for our 1-2-1 mentoring programme. This involves a brief video submission and then a 1-2-1 interview with our founders. From this 8-10 young women will be selected to receive a personalised mentoring programme 

January - June 2024

Events and Training 

All young women who applied to Project Accelerate will have access to our soft skills curriculum, with one session being offered every 2 weeks, focusing on topics such as CV building, Networking skills, financial management, personal branding, public speaking etc. 

In addition, we will be hosting talks and workshops with some of our inspirational founders who will share their stories and lessons from their careers. 

Finally, we will also hold monthly networking or speed mentoring events so that all of our PA applicants have the opportunity to make valuable connections and receiving mentoring hours from our incredible network of women

Individual Mentoring 

For those 8-10 young women accepted into the full programme you will be assigned a 1-2-1 mentor in January, and they will meet for 2 hours every month to set goals, and monitor progress against them. Mentees are also expected to attend every soft skill session and in person events and discuss what they have learned and how they will action this learning with their mentors. 

July - September 2024

Our formal curriculum of events ends in June. In July our mentees will be starting paid work experience / internships in businesses aligned with their career aspirations. We ask all of our work experience partners to provide opportunities out of which a full time role could emerge, and we expect our mentees to give it their all with the aim of receiving a permanent job offer. 

Our Timeline

Call for Mentees

Apply to be a mentee


To apply to be a Project Accelerate mentor, all you need to do is submit this short form and we will be in touch! 

Project Accelerate Mentees - Cohort 24


Develop the skills and network to achieve your potential

Soft Skill development sessions

Mentorship from inspirational women in your field

Work experience and Internships

A lifelong community to help you thrive

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